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NETHERLANDS – INVESTMENT AGENCY| Netherlands Foreign Investment Agency

Contact Person(s): Mr. Nirvano Brans, Assistant Area Director
Address: 303 E. Wacker Dr., Suite 2610
Chicago, IL 60601
Tel: (312) 616 8400
Fax: (312) 616 8408
U.S. Locations of Additional Offices:
Service Offered to U.S. Partners: The services provided by NFIA are offered to North American companies considering to set up, expand, relocate, reconfigure, or maintain physical operations in the Netherlands. This process consists of four stages:

Stage 1: providing clients with comparative (benchmark) data on opportunities in the Netherlands, as well as offering advice on why and how to set up operations in the Netherlands.

Stage 2: organizing so-called Fact Finding Trips to the Netherlands: tailor-made programs facilitating North American companies to hit the ground running, by meeting with relevant people, organizations, and visiting potential sites/locations.

Stage 3: acting as a sparring partner for decision makers (often C-level executives), and assisting them with the implementation of all matters related to the actual set up of the Dutch operations by sharing experience, networks (commercial and governmental), and national expertise. Among others, this concerns: tax, customs, permits, finance, legal, real estate, recruitment, expat topics, network introductions, etcetera.

Stage 4: maintaining relationships and strengthening ties with current investors in the Netherlands, and assisting them with possible expansion, relocation, reconfiguration, and retention plans.

Sectors Covered: Headquarter Functions
Research & Development
Marketing and Sales
Shared Services
Customer Care
States Covered: all
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