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FRANCE | French Trade Office –┬áBusiness France

Contact Person(s): Mrs. Laurence Grelet, Managing Director

Mr. Georges Ucko, Director – Transportation

Mr. Serge Hanoca, Director – Industry Energy

Address: 205 N. Michigan Ave., Suite 3730
Chicago, IL 60601
Tel: (312) 327 5252
Fax: (312) 327 5251
U.S. Locations of Additional Offices: Other Trade offices: Atlanta, New York, San Francisco, Houston, Boston and Detroit
Service Offered to U.S. Partners:
  • Inform and advise French companies looking to export to the U.S.
  • Identify and target key contacts, prospects and partners for French companies
  • Promote French technology and products
Sectors Covered: All sectors
States Covered: All the USA
Newsletter Offered:
Regular Meetings: