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Executive Board



Mr. Borys Mejia, Trade Commissioner for Ecuador
President of CITCA

Borys A. Mejía Aguirre is the Trade Commissioner of Ecuador in Chicago, Illinois. After obtaining his Masters in Business from the Army Polytechnic School in Quito, Ecuador, his Masters in Finance from ITESM in Monterrey, Mexico, as well as completing the Advanced Executive Program from Northwestern University in Chicago, IL, Mr. Mejia has acted as the Trade Commissioner of Ecuador in New York (2001 – 2003), in Turkey (2009 – 2011) and currently in Chicago. Mr. Mejia has also worked as a Professor at various Ecuadorian universities (Universidad del Pacífico, Universidad Internacional), and in the private sector as the Export Manager of tropical fruits for the Ecuadorian company Yahumin, and as the Executive Vice-President of the media group Editores MMA Asociados.
The Trade Commission of Ecuador in Chicago is one of the four offices that PRO ECUADOR has successfully established in the United States. Our goal is twofold: facilitate trade between Ecuadorian exporters and interested importers from the Midwest Region of the United States, and attract potential investors for Ecuador’s many ongoing public and private projects.

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Bridget Lee, Director Chicago, Hong Kong Trade Development Council.
Vice President of CITCA

Bridget Lee was appointed Director, Chicago, of the Hong Kong Trade Development Council (HKTDC) in 2009. She is responsible for promoting Hong Kong as a trade and business platform in the Midwest and Central USA. As Director, Lee is responsible for outreach to 20 Midwest and Central U.S. States. Prior to joining the Council in 2001, she worked in Singapore, Indonesia, Hong Kong, and Thailand in a marketing capacity. Her extensive experience includes marketing, corporate and public relations work with joint ventures between Asian, Australian, American, and German companies for market entry of new brands, B2B products, technology, real estate and financial services in South East Asia.

Bridget P. Lee is a graduate of Monash University, Melbourne, Australia, B.A.(Hons) in International Relations and Philosophy. She has been a resident of Illinois since November 2000.

A statutory body established in 1966, the Hong Kong Trade Development Council (HKTDC) is the international marketing arm for Hong Kong-based traders, manufacturers and service providers.

Our mission is to create business opportunities for Hong Kong companies. With our network of more than 40 offices worldwide, and the city’s natural business advantages, we provide a range of services to help global trade and promote Hong Kong as a platform for doing business with China and throughout Asia. Visit us at

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Herbert Wennink

Mr. Herbert Wennink, Commercial Officer for the Netherlands

Herbert promotes and identifies business opportunities for Dutch exporters of goods & services to the Midwest. Before joining the consulate in 2004, He represented European logistics companies in the U.S. Although he moved to Chicago for only “one year” after school in 1980, he decided to stay in the city he calls “Home” now. Married with a 9 year-old daughter, he enjoys fixing up his old house and riding his bicycle and motorcycle in his spare time.

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Mr. Martin Caro, Trade  and Investment Commissioner, ProMexico Chicago
Board Member

Martin Caro is the Trade Commissioner of Mexico in Chicago, United States. He has a bachelor’s degree in International Business from the TEC de Monterrey in Mexico and a Master in International Political Economy from King’s College London in the United Kingdom. His experience in the public sector has led him to serve at the embassies of Mexico in Washington D.C, Singapore and Seoul. He also has extensive experience in the private sector in logistics, foreign trade and strategic planning.

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Jose Erandio, Tourism and Trade Assistant for the Philippines
Board Member

Jose Erandio is the Tourism and Trade Assistant at the Philippine Consulate General in Chicago. He has a bachelor’s degree in accountancy  from the Philippine School of Business Administration, a Master’s degree in Industrial Relations from the University of the Philippines, and received advanced Marketing Strategy Training at the Asian Institute and Management (AIM) in Makati, Philippines.

He has extensive experience in the private sector in the field of logistics (shipping), wholesale and distribution (promotional) before joining the Philippine Consulate General in Chicago.


Mr. Andras Juhasz, Trade Commissioner for Hungary
Board Member

Andras Juhasz has been appointed Trade Commissioner for Hungary in 2015 with responsibility for 15 states. His responsibilities include the promotion of Hungarian goods in the Midwest market and attracting Midwest investments to Hungary. He holds a Master’s degree in International Economics of Kiev University and has a professional background dominated by international banking (National Bank of Hungary, Central-European International Bank, Creditanstalt, Hungarian Credit Bank, ABN AMRO Bank, K&H Bank) but also involving oil trading (Mineralimpex) and foreign service (Commercial Secretary in Algiers, Algeria, 1984-89).

He is married and has two grown-up children.

Andras joined CITCA’s Board in 2015

Ms. Teodora Boteva, Trade and Investment Commissioner of Bulgaria

Board Member

Teodora has been appointed end 2016 to ground the first in Chicago  trade and investment promotion office of the Ministry of Economy of Bulgaria to the Midwest.

She has long years of experience in the oil and gas business development, IT sector and international economy working for the private sector and for the governmental authorities as well.

Teodora holds master degrees in Mechanical engineering, International economy and in Business Administration.

Mr. Gabriel Barone, Deputy Trade Commissioner of Italy
Board Member

Gabriele Barone is the Deputy Trade Commissioner of Italy in Chicago, Illinois. He has a bachelor’s degree in International Relations and Diplomatic Affairs from University of Bologna (Italy) and a Master in Intellectual Property, Competition, Communication Law and Management from LUISS University in Rome.
Before joining the Italian Trade Agency he worked as consultant of the Italian Ministry of Economic Development both at Studies, Research & Statistics Office and Communication department. Mr. Barone’s experience includes marketing strategies for F&B companies and European project management in Bruxelles for supporting internationalization policies of Italian southern public administrations. He is married and has two children.

Mr. Javier Yraola, Trade Commissioner of Spain
Board Member

Javier Yraola is Trade Commissioner of Spain in Chicago since september 2015. Previously, he was Director of Consumer Goods at ICEX (Ministry of Economy and Competitiveness), a post he took after four years at the Ministries of Finance and Foreign Affairs, where he held the positions of Deputy Director General for Trade and Customs Affairs. He has also served as trade Commissioner of Spain in Colombia and Central America for ten years, and early in his career he worked on European Union Issues at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.


Mr. John Gatto, President & CEO of NRW.INVEST (North America LLC)
Board Member

John Gatto currently serves as President & CEO of NRW.INVEST (North America LLC), the economic development agency of the German Federal State of North Rhine-Westphalia. Dr. Gatto began his business and economic development career as the Director of the State of Wisconsin European Office in Frankfurt, Germany. During his tenure, he was elected Chairman of the Council of American States in Europe. He has also served on the boards of directors of the State Bar of Wisconsin International Practice Section and the Milwaukee German Immersion School Foundation.

Dr. Gatto founded and leads the Wisconsin Chapter of the German American Chamber of Commerce of the Midwest as its President, and also serves on the Board of the German American Chamber of Commerce of the Midwest and Illinois Chamber of Commerce. Most recently Dr. Gatto founded and now leads the Chicago Warburg Chapter of the American Council on German